Syria Iran Dominate Arab League Summit

Arab summits between Syria war, Iran issue will also be seen on


The summit began nearly 24 hours after the start of the controversial air strikes in the US, France and Britain in response to the chemical attacks of Eastern Ghouta in Syria last week.

Special things

In the year 1945 the Arab League summit was started.
The use of chemical weapons was done by Syria in Duma of Eastern Dive.
About 75 people were killed in this attack, including children

Dhahran: A summit is going to be held in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (April 15th) between the tensions between the international powers over Syria and rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not be included in Syria. In this annual Arab League conference, Saudi Arabia is pushing for a tough stance against its territorial anti-Iran. Both the anti-Burmese countries are engaged in fierce battles in the south-eastern neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

The Summit began nearly 24 hours after the start of the controversial air strikes in the US, France and Britain in response to the chemical attacks of the regime in Eastern Ghouta, considered to be the stronghold of rebels in Syria. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have supported these attacks, while diplomatic stalemate has remained in the two countries for several months. Saudi Arabia has been accused of supporting Islamic extremists on Qatar and proximity to Iran.
In the year 1945 the Arab League summit was started. In 2011, the membership of Syria was suspended for the role of the Assad regime in the war. Syria is still suspended from this organization. Saudi Arabia's Shah Salman Dhahran City will lead the summit being organized
It is worth noting that the United States attacked the Syrian missile with a joint action with Britain and France. The US had already warned the Assad government about the use of chemical weapons by Syria recently in Duma of eastern Dive of Syria. In this attack, 75 people, including children, were killed.

Saudi Arabia supports US military action against Syria

Saudi Arabia has fully supported military action in Syria on behalf of the United States, Britain and France. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said on the official source that military action was taken against him by the Syrian government in response to chemical weapons being used on innocent civilians including women and children.

The agency said, "The use of such weapons, which are internationally banned, is being used by the Syrian government for years on people there." The agency further said that the Saudi Foreign Ministry had expressed 'the full support of the Kingdom' in Syria, the military action of the United States, Britain and France in Syria.

Syriah again uses chemical weapons if the results will be met: Nikki Haley

On the other hand, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Sunday (April 15th) that if Syria again uses chemical weapons, then the United States is fully prepared for reaction. The United States, Britain and France have targeted Syria's chemical weapon targets. This action has been done in response to a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma last week.

Haley said that President Donald Trump has pulled the line and the US will keep pressure on Syria. They said, "Our message is completely clear with the military action of tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th). The US will not allow the Assad regime to use chemical weapons. "Heli alleged that the Security Council and Russia have failed to discharge their duties to keep those who use chemical weapons accountable.
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