Russian Envoy Warns Of Consequences After Us Led Strikes On Syria

US attack on Syria, Russia said - 'suffering will happen'

Russian Envoy Warns Of Consequences After Us Led Strikes On Syria
Russian Envoy Warns Of Consequences After Us Led Strikes On Syria

On the statement of Trump Russia said that conditions of war can be made
Syria has done a collaboration with Britain and France on Syria
The US also blamed Iran and Russia for the attack on Syria
In a statement released by Russia, it was said that Putin would not be humiliated

On Saturday in Syria, the US attacked Russia and warned Iran. In response, there has been a strong reaction from Russia. A statement released by Russia said that the United States, France and Britain have attacked Syria, its consequence can be fierce. Russia also said that the three countries should understand that the outcome of this attack can also be in the form of war. In a statement issued by Moscow, it has been claimed that Russia's targets in Syria are not targeted at targets.

In the US, Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov said in a statement, 'Once again, we are being threatened. We caution that such action will not be given without consequences. Its responsibility is on America, Britain and France. Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and invalid. Meanwhile, Russia's Foreign Ministry said in Moscow that the attacks of the West on Syria occurred at a time when the country had a peaceful future opportunity.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Jharova wrote on Facebook, "Responsible people behind these people claim moral leadership in the world and they declare that they are different. You need to be really different to attack the Syrian capital at the time when he had a peaceful future chance. '

Explain that while addressing the country on Syria attack, Trump said, "This attack is a direct result of the failure of Russia to stop Assad's government from using chemical weapons." Countries such as Russia and Iran should think about how they can stand upset with the country that embarrasses humanity. ' In response to this, Russia has warned America to bear the consequences. It also said that Russia will not disrespect the President Putin.

Let me tell you that in recent times, due to the use of chemical weapons by Syrian in Duma of Eastern Gutta, there was a huge devastation of livelihood. More than 70 people were killed in this attack. US President Donald Trump blamed the Syrian government for the attack and warned of military action. The US issued a statement at the same time condemning it to attack Russia.
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