Un Team Heads To Bangladesh And Myanmar To See Rohingya

Rohingya Crisis: Members of the UN Security Council leave for Bangladesh and Myanmar

Un Team Heads To Bangladesh And Myanmar To See Rohingya
Un Team Heads To Bangladesh And Myanmar To See Rohingya

United Nations

The UN Security Council (UNSC) member Rohingya has left for Bangladesh and Myanmar to assess the crisis. Officials said that the Committee of 15 members of the Security Council stayed in Kuwait on Friday before flying to Bangladesh. Members of the committee will visit refugee camps of Dhaka and Cox Market of Bangladesh.

According to news agency Xinhua, after visiting Rohingya camps in Bangladesh this weekend, members will reach the capital of Myanmar on Monday. They will also be affected by the violence started in August 2017, they will also visit the province where most people had to flee. According to the Office of the Humanities Coordinator, the population of Rohingya refugees who reached Myanmar in Bangladesh is more than 10 lakh.

Nearly 670,000 refugees migrated to Bangladesh since the attack by Rohingya on August 25, 2017, in Myanmar government forces. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spokesman Stephen Duzarik has said that since January, about 8,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh. They said, "Bangladesh government and people there have seen extraordinary generosity towards Rohingya refugees in collaboration with international community."

Dujarik said, "So far, 4,70,000 people have been given food distribution. More than 5,000 water bodies and 4700 toilets have been prepared. More than 90,000 children have been provided primary schooling. "He said that humanitarian assistance partners have started protection monitoring to protect the victims from sexual and gender-based violence at the grass root level. Apart from this, preparations have been started while looking at the upcoming cyclone and monsoon season. Let us tell you that there are thousands of Rohingya refugees living in the Cox Market of Bangladesh. Most of these refugees do not have citizenship of Myanmar.
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