President of France Emmanuel Macrocon Warns Trump We do not want Commercial War

President of France Emmanuel Macrocon warns Trump, 'We do not want commercial war'

President of France Emmanuel Macrocon Warns Trump We do not want Commercial War
President of France Emmanuel Macrocon Warns Trump We do not want Commercial War

Washington (ANI). French President Immanuel Macroon criticized US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying that Trump's decision to impose global tariff on aluminum and steel imports is wrong, and that France does not want commercial war. Tell you that they are on a three-day tour to Washington

Addressing Congress based in Washington, Capitol Hill, Macro said that the commercial war is not in our history till date. We are always committed to global security. Eventually, it will end employment, increase inflation and this will have a profound impact on middle-class families.

Commenting on Trump's decision to leave the Paris agreement last year, Macrons commented that he tried tricking Trump to withdraw his decision. Macro also said that climate change is a global issue.

I believe that one day America will accept the Paris Agreement. And I have full faith that we will work together on the global level for the environment. I believe in building a better future for my future generations. For which it is very necessary to give them a healthy and green atmosphere.

With the effect of greenhouse gas and with marine pollution we are destroying greenery. We have to face it. Because we have no other planet as an alternative. Macro asked the US president to fight against Fake News, he called it a big problem for the country. He further said that there can be no democracy of any faith, for no reason. Because democracy is the name of choice and independent decision lane. Corruption of information will destroy our democracy.

While highlighting the special relationship between Washington and Paris, Macros said, "This is the time to show courage." Those who we love are in danger. We do not have any other way, instead of fighting for it and we have to fight together. They finally said that the friendship of France and the United States remained such a long time.

Warning to American leaders, Macro said that political fear and anger will create division among people only. This is the atmosphere at both times in the US and Europe. You can fight with fear and anger for a time but this will not work anymore.

While defending the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Macro further said that Iran never had any nuclear weapons. He further said that the West policy should not incite us to fight in the Middle East. We must be made to respect the permanence and respect of sovereignty of any country or nation. That's why we should not repeat the old mistakes again. We should not stand the wall around us.

In a joint press conference, Macro said on a three-day tour that France is willing to make a new nuclear agreement with Iran by 2025. Further, they want to put some restrictions on the nuclear program in the wake of Tehran's influence in the Middle East.

Let us tell you that Iran's nuclear deal has been between six countries - Iran, America, Britain, Germany, Russia, France and China. Under this, there is a plan to remove economic sanctions from Tehran, in exchange for which there is a plan to put some restrictions on the nuclear deal. The French President also pressed for an international agreement to establish peace in war-torn Syria. He further said that the time will come for the solution to Syria.
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