Our Post is Influenced by Weather Patterns

Our Post is Influenced by Weather Patterns

Our Post is Influenced by Weather Patterns
Our Post is Influenced by Weather Patterns

What we think affects our expression, but experts say that the weather also influences our thinking and it is also reflected in our writings.

Boston [Parent]. With the mood of the weather, it determines how we express ourselves in a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. This claim has been made in a study. According to this, when the temperature is more than 30 degrees, the likelihood of people posting good-positive posts decreases.

Earlier research had said that there was a link between the weather and the emotional status of the people, but it was not fully clear which situations of weather have negative, positive effect on our mood. For this accurate assessment, there was a need to study this contact more deeply.

Researchers at the Vancouver School of Economics in Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US studied it for the purpose. The researchers sorted 2.4 billion posts from Facebook between 2009 and 2016, and included about 1.1 billion posts in Twitter in their studies. He studied the feelings associated with these posts.

A special tool was used for this, which separated the positive and negative posts on the basis of Keyword. According to a study published in the Plus One Journal, researchers found that weather conditions such as temperature, fall, humidity, and cloud burning were deeply related to the views held by the people in their posts.

When the temperature was 20 to 30 degrees, people's positive expressions were more. Similarly, people's emotions were negative in the fall season. Humans also have negative mood in 80% or more humidity. This is what happened in the sky while the sky remained cloudy. Researchers believe that the tool used to analyze emotions is not very efficient, but it gives a glimpse of the weather and our thinking.

Nick Obradovich of MIT says that it is important to know what the weather has on us, because we constantly face the ups and downs of the weather. Our view is that we are experiencing weather like this, its effect is reflected in our thinking. Overall, we can say that when the weather is not conducive to our mind, it also affects our thinking and process of expressing myself in the social media.
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