North Korea Closes Nuclear Tests in May South Korea

North Korea closes nuclear tests in May - South Korea

North Korea closes nuclear tests in May - South Korea
North Korea closes nuclear tests in May - South Korea

Kim Jong-he has decided to close the Nuclear Test site next month.
Washington (AFP) On Friday, there was a historic summit between the leaders of North Korea and South Korea, after which Kim Jong-un has decided to close the nuclear test center next month. According to reports, Kim has promised to South Korean President Moon J. to stop the nuclear testing center in May.

In the meantime, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview that during his visit to Pyongyang, he talked to North Korean tyrant Kim Jong. This meeting was very good. He further said that Kim is preparing a map, which would help in destroying nuclear weapons.

America's newly-elected Foreign Minister Mike Pompey is on a tour of Middle East. Pompeo said that Kim Jong is ready for the historic summit with President Donald Trump. He said that during the visit, we talked extensively on all the issues and difficulties that both the countries are facing.

Kim Jong decided not to do nuclear tests

Recently, Kim announced the closure of testing of atomic and ballistic missiles. North Korea will stop the test of nuclear and missiles and destroy nuclear weapons. This move of Kim is being considered as very important. American President Donald Trump is very happy with Kim Jong's decision. He appreciated North Korea's decision, saying that it is very good news for North Korea and the world.

Kim and Trump meet in May-June

The preparation for the proposed meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong has begun. The meeting of these two leaders is likely to be in late May or early June.

Trump praised Kim Jong

Prior to the summit, US President Donald Trump has praised North Korean leader Kim Jong as an honorable man. Trump had said that Kim is actually a very open person. He is honorable in every way. We have been told that they want to meet soon. The American president said that we believe that this will be a big deal for the world. Although he then said that meeting with Kim would not be profitable, he would be separated from the conversation. But they consider the meeting an opportunity to do something special. He said that we will see what the conversation goes on.
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