Meet The First Man With Three Faces

Meet the first person in the world with three faces

 Meet The First Man With Three Faces
 Meet The First Man With Three Faces

Jerome Haiman has now got a new title, "a man with three spirits." Actually, he is the first person to have two face transplants. The second face transplant, he stayed in the Paris hospital for three months, but he has now accepted his new identity.

Their new face is smooth and steady, but still there is still a need to unify Skal, Teva and other parts, which is a long-running process. This process depends on medicines.

This unprecedented achievement has been achieved by a team of doctors from the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital in Paris. Professor Laurent Lanteri of plastic surgery led the team. Laurent had just completed the transplant to Haiman in 2010.

Jeron Haiman is suffering from neurofibromatosis type 1, due to which the tumor occurs. Hamman's first face transplant was made in 2010 and it was a success. But that same year, Hamman was given an antibiotic medicine for a simple winter, after which his transplant began to worsen in 2016, and his new face was damaged. These problems increased so much that Haeman had to remove the implanted face of the past year. Because of which Haiman has become without faces. It was a situation that Professor Laurent described as a moving mob. Haeman's eyes did not have eyes, ears, or skin. He could not even speak and eat. In January, Haman got Face Donor after which the operation was done.
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