How will the American President Trump go to meet the North Korean dictator Kim without a plane

How will the American President Trump go to meet the North Korean dictator Kim without a plane

How will the American President Trump go to meet the North Korean dictator Kim without a plane
How will the American President Trump go to meet the North Korean dictator Kim without a plane

American President Donald Trump has indicated that he may meet with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, in the month of June. The preparations for this high-profile meeting have also been discussed over the past several days. This is a pleasant sign, which has increased the likelihood of resolving Korea crisis over the years. Now there is a screw in this meeting. You may be surprised to know that North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un-claiming the commander of the army of millions of soldiers, counter-insurgent ballistic missile and nuclear weapons, has no plane to reach the US without waiting.

At a time when Kim himself is trying to stand as an influential leader of the world, in line with US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Chunfing, Plane has become the subject of his reputation. It is not clear whether to reach Trump and how to reach the ship. Actually, the plane must be able to cross the Pacific Ocean or to reach Europe.

According to a report in the Washington Post, George W. Bush, CIA analyst Soo Ter Teri said in the Bush administration, "Whatever he has, we can laugh at him - he is old enough. We can make fun of their old Soviet plains. ' Kim has limited options to preserve his reputation. He can hold a meeting in the civilian sector between North and South Korea, where he will be meeting South Korea's President Moon this month.

Some analysts say that Kim Aling can ask for a plane from China or Russia. Although some analysts say that Trump can keep this meeting in the United States or in Singapore, Switzerland or Sweden, where they will have an environment of better security rather than Pyongyang.

The question is, when Kim was in Beijing for the first time after being captured on power, then how would he do a long distance journey? Victor Cha, senior Asian director at the National Security Council at the time of Bush said that anywhere South Korea or another country can help him to go but it would be a shameful situation for him.

If Kim flies with his plane and in the way of summit he has to return to the fuel again, it will bring his plane's boundary to the world. Not only that, where he will land because many countries have banned North Korea against it. It is clear from Kim's visit to China that he is very serious about his image. Even if 2.5 million citizens of their country are not getting adequate food and electricity, they would definitely want to keep their credentials alive.

High buildings were built in the capital Pyongyang, most of the money was spent on weapons, several private runways were built for single-engine jets, but the country's development ceased. Explains that Kim Jong was afraid to fly with the second plane. On special occasions, he used to travel by train like his son. Although Kim changed many photos in the plane, he made several photos public. He left the Switzerland plane reading at the boarding school. In December 2014, his video was released in the government media, in which he showed the plane of an Air Corps (the government airline of the country) made in Ukraine.

Two months later, a photo of Kim sitting in another plane came. Kim's plane was described as 'Air Force'. Although this plane was Ilyushin-62 at the time of the Cold War, which was made in the Soviet Union. Some experts say that this plane can not be trusted because it is not old as well as regular testing.

Writer Joseph Bermudz, contributing to North North Korea affairs, conducted by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, 38 North Writers Joseph Bermudz said that he does not have any aircraft that can cross the Pacific- mostly old ones. In 2016, Airvigher magazine publisher Enrique Perela flew in the old Air Korea Jet. When he arrived in Pyongyang, he saw only two dozen planes. Some were covered or their parts were missing. The old model has been used by North Korea for countries like Kuwait, Malaysia.

Aviation journalist Charles Kennedy in London said that the distance from Pyongyang to Los Angeles is about 5900 miles. Air Korean flights can only go to cities of China and Russia at this time. In the last 2-3 years, the Air Corps plains have to make emergency landing several times. North Korea case expert Curtis Melvin said that the other option is to ask for a plane from Kim Russia or China. However this will worry about their safety
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