Google can launch chat app soon Complete information step by step

Google, Whatsapp and iMessage will be able to launch Chat App soon

Google can launch chat app soon Complete information step by step
Google can launch chat app soon Complete information step by step

Google is now going to bring a new change in the field of messaging text. Although Google has been working for a long time. Google started Hangouts by closing the Talk app in 2013 and then allo Google has now stopped working on Allo. The company is working on a new service these days, which is named Chat. The most important feature of Google's Chat App will be that the user will be able to SMS to any other user through this app. That means, users will not need to go outside the app to SMS this app in Google.

Assuming reports are working on Chat Service and Google is talking to partner with Indian telecom companies to launch it. According to reports, Google is interacting with Geo, Airtel and Vodafone chat services.

According to reports, preparations for Google's chat service can prove to be a danger bell for Whitsap and Apple's email messages. This app by Google will include many features such as Amoji, Group Chat. But if the report says the app will not play the encryption, which is a news for the sake of security.

Users will now be able to download their data on Instagram as soon as Facebook

Even before Facebook, users will now be able to download their data on Instagram as well. On Facebook you will find a feature, from where you can download all your information and save it. According to the reports, this feature of Instagram will be seen by users in the next update.

Instagram statement

Speaking to a media portal about data download, Instagram spokesman said, "We are going to bring a new tool to fetch data. After this, users will now be able to easily download their data from Instagram's server. These data will include videos, photos and messages'

This is happening due to changes

All social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, are now allowing users to download data. Actually, the European Union has passed a bill recently regarding data from users. The bill passed by the European Union is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under GDPR, it is now mandatory for all tech companies to facilitate users to download data. It has been emphasized in the bill that the data download facility has to be given to tech companies before May 25, 2018. Under the GDPR tool any user will now be able to download their data from any social media platform. After this facility, users will know which information they have on the social media platform.

Facebook gets alert after data leak

The feature of data download on Facebook-owned Instagram is being released after the recent data leak dispute. In fact, information about Facebook's 80 million and 70 million users was tampered with during the 2016 US presidential election, after which Facebook had to face criticism. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently apologized to the users while treating it as a mistake.
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