Fbi Raids Offices Of Donald Trump's Personal Lawyer

FBI raid on Trump's personal attorney's office

 Fbi Raids Offices Of Donald Trump's Personal Lawyer
 Fbi Raids Offices Of Donald Trump's Personal Lawyer

New York
The FBI raided the New York-based office of President Donald Trump's long-standing personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Michael paid $ 130,000 to the actress of porn movies who had previously talked about a relationship with a real estate business giant.

Cohen's lawyer Stephen Ryan said that the agents of the FBI seized the contents related to a special conversation between Cohen and his clients on the insistence of Special Counsel Robert Muller. Muller is investigating contacts between Russia and the Trump Campaign.

Cohen, Trump's personal advocate and has been his confidante for years, who have been advising him on real estate and personal matters. He has been supporting him even after becoming President. Prior to the 2016 election, Cohen had paid $ 130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels. The actress claimed that she was given this amount to keep her mouth shut on Trump with regard to her alleged relationship.
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