David Warner's Wife Confesses, The Whole Controversy Caused by her and 'Conspiracy'

This disclosure by David Warner's wife gives another reason for the ICC to think. The question is whether the ICC will do some work on this
David Warner's Wife Confesses, The Whole Controversy Caused by her and 'Conspiracy'
David Warner's Wife Confesses, The Whole Controversy Caused by her and 'Conspiracy'

Kandice, wife of Australian sacked deputy captain David Warner, revealed that her suspended husband made 'this conspiracy' due to his insults. And he blames himself somewhere for the controversy and David Warner's conviction. Candice said that in fact it is the same responsible behind the entire dispute. If they do not play the role, then this is not a dispute.

Opener Warner was found guilty of joining the plan to tamper the ball during the third Test match against South Africa and he has been banned for one year. On Saturday, Warner was crying at a press conference in Sydney. He said that he might not be playing in Australia in the future. At that time his wife was also there.

Keep in mind that two senior cricketers from South Africa had also photographed during the second Test match with the three viewers who, wearing the mask of All Black Rugby player Sony Bill Williams in terms of relations with Kandness Warner. Candice Warner said that she is not making excuses for her husband's behavior, but he also added that as far as possible, Warner was defending me and my children.

Candace said that when Warner came home after the punishment, he saw me weeping in the bedroom. The daughters were only looking at their mother. This heart was disorganized. When he was in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, I kept myself strong. I increased Warner's morale and said that you do not worry at all. I'm completely with you

However, Candace Warner said, now I have to say that this whole controversy happened because of me. And whatever Warner did, he did it because of my humiliation. Candice Warner, disclosing that I feel like all the fault is mine and this thing is intriguing to me. The relationship between the two teams was not good during the Test series before the ball tampering.

In fact, during the first test match there was a fight between David Warner and Quinnton Dicock. Then the Australian batsman had said that the South African wicketkeeper used to apologize for his wife. The words that were said to the wife sat in the heart of Warner. He wanted to take revenge of this insult in his own way. And for this he chose ball tapering
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