Russia will put Restrictions on Defense Deal with Russia Matisse

Russia will put restrictions on defense deal with Russia: Matisse


Significantly, India is going to buy five S-400 missile systems from Russia.

Washington, PTI: US Defense Secretary James Matisse has said that restricting India on defense deal from Russia will be a suicide step for America, showing a soft attitude towards India is still needed by the United States. The Defense Minister before Parliament's Armed Services Committee said that the policies should be fixed according to the changing times. Mattis was answering a question of MP Jake Reid in the matter of sanctions imposed on Russia.

Significantly, India is going to buy five S-400 missile systems from Russia. This system is capable of hitting fighter aircraft, drones and missiles in the air through long distance missiles. There is a stir in the Trump Administration about this $ 4.5 defense deal. He does not want a military settlement of such a huge cost between India and Russia.

Asked for change in Katsa

President Donald had already realized this purchase and purchase. Due to this reason, the Countering America's Adversaries Through Circulation Act was made effective, but neither Russia nor India withdrew from this agreement. The US has implemented Katza since January this year. Under this law made in August 2017, there has been talk of banning American enemies. Specifically, it has been said that there is a stringent restriction for countries having partnership with Russia. Although such other American laws have kept open the way to adopting some flexible approach keeping national security in mind, there is a provision to avoid any kind of concession in Katsa.

Metis has urged Parliament to provide relief to India on arms purchases from Russia. Metis said that the global climate is changing rapidly, so America will also have to change its attitude. He also advocated negotiations with Russia on military level. Metis said that we must see our interests. Keep in mind that the US is being criticized about the Katoas all over the world. The Pentagon has also expressed concern over this.

A golden opportunity to improve relationships

In a hearing on the Pacific region before the Armed Services Committee, the Defense Minister said that India is a key defense partner of America. America has this golden opportunity to build a good relationship with India. But it can only be effective when both show greater faith in each other and keep an eye on each other's interests. President Donald Trump has recently issued instructions to speed up the sale of arms to other countries. It also involves drones to India. Mattis, on the question of Air MP Meiji Hirano, said that looking at all the areas, India is seen as a great friend. On the US military structure in the Pacific, he said that the work is going on and it will show its effect soon.
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