Gaza Conflict: America Expressed Regret, UN Emergency Meeting

Gaza Conflict: America Expressed Regret, UN Emergency Meeting
Gaza Conflict: America Expressed Regret, UN Emergency Meeting

On Friday, about 15 Palestinians were killed in violent clashes with Israeli soldiers in Gaza, while more than 500 were injured. The US is unhappy with the clashes. US State Department spokesman Heather Knott said that his country is very unhappy about the incidents of 15 Palestinians killed and hundreds of people injured in Gaza clashes near the Israeli border. He said that the international community is now focusing on taking such steps, which will improve the lives of the Palestinians.
Let it be said that this was a terrible struggle in the one day after the Gaza war of 2014. Palestinian people, including women and children, protested at different locations in the blockade area, including the eastern and northern boundaries of Israel. Some people begin to move towards the heavily guarded Israeli border. Armed Israeli soldiers deployed in this area used tear gas and fired to repel these people.

The Health Ministry in Gaza told that Israeli security forces killed 16 Palestinian civilians. Significantly, the US plans to open its embassy in Jerusalem on February 14th. Incidentally, this day is the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel. There is deep resentment in the Palestinians about this.

On the same issue, the United Nations Security Council has decided to convene an emergency meeting. In this meeting, discussion on the Gazapati conflict will be discussed. The Kuwait mission in the United States tweeted on Friday, "On the request of Kuwait, the UN Security Council will hold a meeting at 6.30 pm to discuss the latest developments in Gaza." It is being said that this meeting will be in closed room.
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