donald trump talks xi jinping over meeting with kimjong

Donald Trump's 'Strategy' to Meet China, praised Kim Jong's decision to meet
donald trump talks xi jinping over meeting with kimjong
American President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong, may meet him in the near future. The whole world's interest can be clearly seen on this. Due to news of the meeting, America and China, which are considered 'anti-people', are also coming closer. Chinese President Xi Chinfing has talked to him after Trump favored a meeting with Jong. According to Trump, Chinfing praised him.

Trump said, "Chanfing has praised that America is trying to solve the issue diplomatically, thinking about alternate options." According to Trump, China has also given full support to North Korea-related issues.

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According to the Chinese website Global Times, both top leaders spoke on the phone. China hopes that this conversation will get positive results. According to the news, Trump said that emphasis on China's frequent dialogue is proven to be true.

The website has written that Trump also praised the steps taken by China. In response, Chinfing said that he always pressurized North Korea to forfeit nuclear weapons and never changed his attitude.

Earlier, there had been reports that the preparations for the meeting of Trump and Jong were in full swing. In the place of meeting, who has been involved in it has been decided. However, many officials of the Trump administration also feel that Jong can also cancel the meeting for some reason at the last minute.
Baloch does not support militancy: America
The Trump Administration said on Friday that he firmly supports Pakistan's regional unity and does not endorse Baloch militants or any other group that poses threat to this country. One day before this, the US has announced a reward of US $ 5 million to the information provider providing assistance to arrest Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Maulana Fazlullah.
Alice Wells, Senior State Department for South and Central Asia, said in Washington, "We support Pakistan's territorial integrity. We do not support Baloch militants or other organizations who threaten Pakistan's integrity. '

This terror organization attacks terrorists within Pakistan. Under the reward program for justice, the US has announced to provide 30 to 30 million US dollars to the information provider who has helped in the arrest of Jamat-ul-Ahra (Jua) Abdul Wali and Lashkar-e-Islamatte Mangal Bagh.

India played responsible role in Afghanistan's economic development: US

The US has appreciated India's role in Afghanistan's economic development. The Trump Administration says that India has played a very responsible role in Afghanistan's economic development. The US said in its latest statement that the aim of the tripartite cooperation between India and Afghanistan is not to target Pakistan.
America's senior diplomat Alice Wells for South and Central Asia said, "In the last several years, we have seen that India has played a very important role in Afghanistan's economic development and reconstruction, and the Government of Afghanistan has also praised that role. . ' Earlier this month, Alice was present in Afghanistan's capital for the Kabul process. There he participated in a trilateral dialogue between India-US-Afghanistan, which made Pakistan very angry.

Alice said that the tripartite talks were organized by the three countries to review the ways of working together on development trade and investment priorities. He said that but that does not mean that we are turning Afghanistan into such a way that it can be used against Pakistan. In response to a question in the top-ranked tank 'US Institute of Peace' supporting the US Parliament, Alice has said these things somewhere. Alice said that Pakistan has a crucial role to play in Afghanistan's peace process and to make it stable.
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