Trump to increase the age of gun Increasing firing in schools

Trump to increase the age of gun Increasing firing in schools

US President Donald Trump is in favor of increasing the lifespan of keeping the gun. He said on Thursday that the assault rifle should be kept away from the people of the country within 21 years of age. Trump has said this when students in schools and other educational institutions have fired in firing incidents. Trump said, "There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe."
Trump said that he has talked to several members of the Congress and the National Rifle Association (NRA) and insisted that he will have to follow the plan of seeing the shoot in Florida's school. Let us know that 17 people died in this incident. However, no answer has come about the age limit from the NRA side.

Trump said, "NRA will support it and Congress too." The President said that he has asked the legal age limit for keeping the rifle from 18 to 21. After this, one of his spokeswoman said that Trump is talking about specially semi-automatic weapons. This statement of Trump has come after NRA's protest in which he has said that such restriction will have the rights of arms owners violated.

Trump has come up with several suggestions, including intense scrutiny of background of gun buyers, launch of mental health centers for potential killers, and banning semi-automatic weapons that act like machine guns. Trump also emphasized on increasing the vigilance in the schools and suggested raising the school's fortifications and limiting entry points.
This program was also present in Kolnbin High School and Sandy Hook Elementary formed after firing incident in the school Advocacy groups representative. Deputy President Mike Pains and education minister Betsy Devos were also present to hear Trump's speech. The President said, 'You have suffered a lot of suffering. We do not want anyone else to go through this kind of misery. It will not be right. "Meanwhile, father of a girl who was killed in school attack. Pollock said that the time has come that now the country is united. One student, Sam Jeff, spoke again about going to school after the school incident, and even afraid to go to the park.

Trump heard all the things with seriousness and asked the people whether they have any suggestions to stop the firing incidents in school. Has only suggested by a person in the event that a teacher at the school, administrators who have the license for carrying weapons, they can keep safe by locking arms in classes, and can be trained. Seeing Trump's reaction it felt like he liked this suggestion.
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