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 WhatsApp has become an important part of our life but due to WhatsApp
 The storage of our phones is full, due to which the working person has many difficulties
Today we will talk about the topic that you are due to WhatsApp
 How To Get Rid Of Phone Storage Full Problems
 Fill up the phone's storage by filling our phone with the unwanted message.
 Because of which we have to face a lot of difficulties,
WhatsApp is going to present a solution to the problems, recently launched a new feature
With this help you can save your phone's storage completely
There are many types of unwanted videos and images coming in WhatsApp, especially in particular
 On the festivals, it takes hours for us to delete WhatsApp messages and also
 There is a way that the useful material remains at risk of being deleted.
 You must first tap on 3 dot, then tap on settings then
  Tap on data and storage usage where you will see two options Network users storage
 When users tap on this, your groups will be exposed to any group of unwanted data
 Tap to delete it, so your unwanted messages will be deleted.
 And your useful message can be saved.
Problems can get rid of the problem. This is a very easy way to delete your message.
 Not important messages are saved, only video encoding will be deleted in photos.
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